The premium gimbap movement: Bapuri Sutbul Gimbap

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Korea Tourism Organization

This operation is the little chain that could. “Sutbul” means “charcoal-grilled,” and while they don’t actually grill the gimbap over charcoal, they do stuff it with charcoal-grilled pork as their signature roll. Other rolls include donkkaseu (pork cutlet), double cheese, bul jeyuk (spicy grilled pork) and the must-try saeng wasabi chamchi. For the inexperienced, that last item is tuna salad mixed with fresh wasabi, which will spoil your regular tuna gimbap experience for the rest of your life.

*T. 02-3144-4975,
*Hongik Univ Station 홍대입구역 (Line 2, Gyeongui, & AREX), Exit 9. Take a right towards Hongdae and take another right. The joint is next to Hongik Children's Park.

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