Photos by Chihon Kim
Photos by Chihon Kim

Restaurant in Kim Kwang Seok road: Bangcheon Noodles

by Chihon Kim
Stripes Korea

Bangcheon Noodles, located between Kim Kwang Seok road and Bangcheon market, is a restaurant specializing in noodles and Korean pancakes. Unlike the hip graffiti outside the restaurant, the cooks are all about tradition and make their noodles with gardenia seed, a traditional Korean ingredient. For a few more won, try their signature menu, which means your noodles are topped with a rolled egg omelet, seaweed and herbs (5,000 KRW). They also serve a delicious and pretty tri-colored Korean pancake (7,000 won) which pairs well with makgeolli, a Korean sparkling rice wine (3500KRW). The Gaon-milmyon restaurant across the street is also a good option for wheat noodles.


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