Roxberry Juice Company founder passionate about Korea

Roxberry Juice Company founder passionate about Korea

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Roxberry Juice Company, a Utah, USA-based made-to-order smoothie, acai bowl, juice, and cleans experience, just announced that the brand plans to launch in South Korea.

In a recent interview, we asked Brad Davis, Roxberry Founder, and CEO, a round of questions.

Brad, why South Korea?

Well, I had the opportunity to live in Korea for a few years when I was an LDS missionary.  I lived in a number of places, like Busan, Daegu, Pohang, Namwon, Chungmu (now Tongyeong). This opportunity to live with and among the Korean people was amazing and totally immersive into Korea’s day-to-day life and culture.

To be sure, I just fell in love with the county and the people.  Their overall kindness and their dedication, determination, and passion were impressive and inspiring to me.

In my heart, when my time in Korea ended, I always hoped I could somehow stay connected.

Ultimately, I became an Attorney and actively practiced law for a number of years, but my real passion was entrepreneurialism and building companies. Over the years, I’ve been a part of building a number of winning brands, such as Zuka Juice, Rumbi Island Grill, and Blendtec, a commercial blender manufacturer selling blenders worldwide.

Additionally, for 10+ years, I was President of Abundant Brands, a Utah-based restaurant development company, Development Agent for Subway Sandwiches, and the largest franchise partner of Costa Vida Mexican Grill.

And now, with Roxberry in its 15th year, I’ve seen the brand grow — believing that consumers are drawn to businesses that follow intelligent trends like nutritious food choices.

We know Korea today is more than ever health conscious. What do you see as the benefits of Roxberry?

Ingredients matter. People today, and most definitely many Korean people, want food options that they can be confident in…. that they know will support their health and vitality.  Roxberry meets these needs so you can put your mind at ease, knowing that we’ve done the work for you.

Brad, share some of what sets Roxberry apart in terms of the brand image — “look and feel” — and customer experience?

Life can be so fast-paced, busy, and even stressful.  It can be almost overwhelming at times.  A lack of healthy food options can add to life’s stresses. So, one of our goals at Roxberry is to bring you back to a simpler time of life.  Both with your quality of life and with the quality of your food.  Where you can take a break from your busy schedule and feel confident that you don’t need to question whether what you are eating is good for you.  We care about you and we care about your health and we believe we can help provide a good balance for you.    

How, if someone is interested in learning more about Roxberry Korea, do they get in contact?

If an experienced Korean F&B owner is interested in expanding their business opportunities, we’d love to talk further about our concept. And with Roxberry, seeing and tasting is believing.”


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