Image: Roxberry Juice Company/Braden Davis
Image: Roxberry Juice Company/Braden Davis

Roxberry Juice Company looks to South Korea to expand its international presence

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Roxberry Juice Company, an industry leader in fresh juices, smoothies, and açaí bowls, is looking to South Korea to expand its international presence.

Roxberry believes the brand’s commitment to quality, health, and nutrition aligns with the Korean wellness trend. And, the unique design and Americana decor will offer a new look and ambiance in a market where U.S concept brands like Starbucks have found it highly successful.

On a personal note, founder Brad Davis shared, ”I lived in South Korea for several years and fell in love with the country and its people. During my time in South Korea, I embraced the amazing and historic culture; living with locals and learning the language. It’s been over 30 years ago now, but I still have extremely fond memories of my time in South Korea.”

Image: Roxberry Juice Company/Braden Davis

“I’ve always dreamed of building something that would enable me to continue to be a part of Korea, so when I started Roxberry Juice Co., I did it with South Korea in mind. In 2020, I have envisioned the brand growing and maturing in the strong entrepreneurial spirit that exists among the great people of South Korea.”

The company currently has 21 locations in Idaho, Utah, and Virginia.

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