Senior Enlisted Continuation Board results released to command triads

by Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs
U.S. Navy

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The board results for the performance-based Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Senior Enlisted Continuation Board (SECB) have been approved and posted on BUPERS online (BOL) for command triads, Jan. 27.

Commands will personally notify the 161 Sailors not selected for continuation or in a hold status.

Of the 7,017 eligible candidates 98 percent or 6,854 candidates were selected for continuation.

Next Tuesday, Feb. 3, all results will be posted on BOL at where all Sailors may check their results.

Senior enlisted considered by the FY15 board are classified in one of three categories in BOL:
S - Selected for continuation.
N- Not selected for continuation.
H- Not selected for continuation - In a hold status.

SECB is a performance-driven review of active duty, full-time support, and Reserve master chiefs, senior chiefs and chiefs with more than 19 years of service and three years' time-in-grade. The board helps to ensure the highest standards are maintained in the senior enlisted ranks.

The FY15 SECB convened at Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Oct. 27. The board reviewed 7,015 active duty, full-time support, and Reserve records; 3,412 chiefs, 2,111 senior chiefs, and 1,492 master chiefs.

Active duty and full-time support Sailors not selected for continuation must transfer to the Fleet Reserve or retire by Aug. 31, unless operationally waived by the Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel to remain on active status by Nov. 30.

Reserve Sailors must transfer to the Retired Reserve (with or without pay) by Sept. 1. Those with an approved operational waiver from Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command can remain in a drilling status until an approved date of not later than Dec. 1.

The deadline for non-continued Sailors requesting transfer to Fleet Reserve, retirement or Retired Reserve (with or without pay) to NPC has been extended to March 15 from the original date of Jan. 31 announced in NAVADMIN 180/14.

The deadline for submitting operational waivers and readiness appeals has also been extended to March 15. Formats for operational waivers and readiness appeals can be found at

More information on the SECB board can be found at .

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