Seoul: Sindang-dong Tteok-bokki Town

Seoul: Sindang-dong Tteok-bokki Town

by Korea Tourism Organization
Korea Tourism Organization

The Sindang-dong Tteok-bokki Town you see today was built in the late 70s, though this food-themed street has had its best days in the 80s. From middle-aged people who are reminiscent of the good old days when tteok-bokki (stir-fried rice cake) was a main staple to young people today who simply enjoy this street food, the Sindang-dong Tteok-bokki Town is always bustling with visitors.

The sauce that is used differs by stores and thus every tteok-bokki restaurant has its own unique flavors to offer. Some restaurant uses a mixture of gochu-jang (red chili paste) and chunjang (fermented soybean sauce boiled to color caramel). Moreover, basic ingredients such as eggs, ramyeon, dumplings, fish cake are primarily sold in a set menu but customers can also customize the dish by adding or removing any toppings of their choice.

Price: 11,000 won for 2 persons (Additional fees for extra toppings)

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