Sing a song of Seongbuk-dong: Taphouse F64

by Jordan Redmond
Groove Korea

Having just opened in the middle of 2016, F-64 Taproom reflects distinctly more current Korean sensibilities. Craft beer has been a blazing indicator of what younger Koreans want for a handful of years now and not coincidentally, a consistent harbinger of gentrification. What sets F-64 apart from the indistinctive galley of mindless craft beer trend-riders is its fixation on photography.

There are ever-changing photo exhibits that adorn the space’s walls and even the wooden taps are in the shape of various camera lenses. Another thing that separates F-64 is its, ahem, focus on Korean draughts. At any given time, a majority of the kegs are from Korean-based breweries, like the well-known favorite Hand & Malt, or lesser known lights such as Ansan’s German-Korean tag team, Kramer-Lee Brewing. There is nowhere better in Seongbuk-dong to slake your hop cravings than F-64.


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