Spicey Chinese food, and much more at Gold Dragon

Spicey Chinese food, and much more at Gold Dragon

by Itaewon Ed
Stripes Korea

Editor's Note: Hey! If you've found a great place to get a bite to eat, we'd love to hear about it! We'll post it on this site and run it in Stripes Korea, our bi-weekly community paper.

If you're with a bunch of friends heading to Shinjang Shopping Center, it's quite possible that everyone won't agree on where to go.  I suggest heading toward the end of the strip to Keum-Yong Chinese Restaurant, located on the second floor at #317 - just about opposite of Lotteria.  Not only do they have great Chinese food, they also serve about half a dozen dishes from both the Phillipines and Korea.  Be forwarned that the food is pretty spicey.  My friends and I used many napkins wiping the sweat from our brows.  This is a family run restaurant, and the Kims all speak pretty good English.  You can order individual plates, small combos or even full meals.  It's a pretty large room, so they can take big groups.  The restaurant is perfectly named.
Keum-Yong, or Gold Dragon, is a gem of a restaurant with food that could set your mouth on fire.

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