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by Haps Staff
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Located in Jung-dong, Haeundae, this little hamburger shop pulls its weight with great burgers and chips complete with an old-style feel bottled Coke.

While there are many hamburger joints that have come and gone and claimed to be good, this is one that is definitely a little tricky to find, but well-worth the trip if you do.

The pros: high-quality meat and seasonings, fresh veggies, can order a single, double or triple burger, awesome fries and an amazing taste.

The negatives: Only that it’s hard to find.

Prices: Burgers start around 7,000 won – 13,000 won range when you get into the triple burgers.

There’s not much seating in the restaurant with just a couple tables and a larger, table in the middle with stools — so seating may be tricky during busy meal times. It also has a pretty old-school diner feel to it and the owner speaks great English.

Also, plan to spend some time — it’s not McDonald’s and if you want quality, you’re going wait for it. But it is definitely worth the wait.

Burger in New York

1203-4 Jung 1 Dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan


Facebook page (with Google map, though not that great, for directions)

Open: 11 a.m., 365 days a year

Copy or click: 버거인뉴욕 for Naver map

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