Sweeten Your Holiday Dessert Game This Year: C27

Sweeten Your Holiday Dessert Game This Year: C27

by Charlotte Hammond, Jason Newland, Yoo Jin Oh Photos by Jason Newland, Yoo Jin Oh, courtesy of PLANT
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

Christmas Cheesecake from C27

C27 Cheesecake and Coffee is a four-story cafe near Garosugil specializing in twenty-seven flavors of New York cheesecake. Their specialities include plain, red velvet, tiramisu, raspberry and M&M cheesecakes. The tiramisu has a rich coffee-infused flavor, the M&M disappoints because the cake’s moisture ruins the integrity of the KitKat crust, and the white chocolate raspberry has the most American taste. Now to the strange part, C27 serves their cheesecakes with shredded cheddar and parmesan cheese. Don’t worry, it’s on the side.

The massive cafe’s interior design is sleekly artificial, which could turn off those looking for a small, intimate cafe. But, C27 has arcade boxes with hundreds of free-to-play games, which makes it a fun date spot—there probably isn’t a classier place to play arcade games. When a cheesecake craving attacks, it’s hard to find better in Seoul. It’s not cheap, a slice is 9,800 won, and a coffee is 4,200 won, but it’s a quality slice.

As for taking a slice of C27 home for the holidays, they offer cheesecake “jars” : a Pinterest-friendly mason jar filled with the layered cheesecake of your choice. Yes, the jar is for keeps. Cheesecake jars are 9,800 and work well as gifts or just for a couch-bound dessert.

Address: 545-12 Sinsa-Dong

Phone: 02-544-1572


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