Sweeten Your Holiday Dessert Game This Year: PLANT

by Charlotte Hammond, Jason Newland, Yoo Jin Oh Photos by Jason Newland, Yoo Jin Oh, courtesy of PLANT
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

Pre-Order Holiday Cakes, Vegan Style, at PLANT

Mipa Lee’s PLANT is renowned as one of Seoul’s best havens for vegans in search of a cruelty-free meal. But also, let’s face it, her teensy cafe is a fabulous place for heavenly desserts no matter what your eating politics or dietary restrictions may be. Lee is constantly rotating her desserts on offer and experimenting with new vegan cakes, cookies, muffins and more. Many of her baked goods are nut-free and/or gluten-free in addition to being vegan, catering to those with all sorts of dessert-restricting allergies.

Christmas in Korea is big on cake and the dessert happens to be PLANT’s forte. Vegan or not, PLANT’s seasonal pumpkin gingerbread cookie cream cake, boozy fruit cake, and ginger cranberry bundt cake—even in their names alone—outshine any holiday cake that comes in a certain, inescapable blue and white box. Skip the spongy milk cakes this year. Pre-order a cake from PLANT, which, in addition to its seasonal cakes offers its regular cakes (chocolate peanut butter, mocha layer cake, banana apple, red velvet)  for order this time of year.

Orders tend to pile up for PLANT this time of year. Throughout the month of December, plan on ordering your cake about a full week in advance.  

Address: 1F, 63-15, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Phone: 070-4115-8388



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