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With sweet desserts and enough caffeine to clear one’s head, cafés are a must! Many travelers make use of the comfortable ambiance and Wi-Fi found in cafés to enjoy a moment of rest in their busy schedule while fueling up on energy between meals. These days, some people are even going so far as to set off on café tours, exploring all the latest and greatest coffee shops available in the area! The following five cafés are the hottest cafés in Seoul based on Instagram posts.

Oriole is a famous rooftop café operated by singer Jung Yup. Located on a high point of the Haebangchon ridge, Oriole offers views of Haebangchon and the Itaewon area, as well as Namsan Seoul Tower. Oriole operates as a café during the day, but transforms into a dining space and bar after 6 pm. There is nothing quite like having a cold beer while taking in the view. You might want to arrive early if you’re planning on enjoying the nightscape, as they do not take reservations.

The menu of Oriole includes standard coffee options. Desserts include tiramisu, made with mascarpone cream cheese, and sweet vanilla and raspberry cream-filled dacquoise. While there aren’t many choices, the dishes are made to perfection, able to remove one’s fatigue after just one bite. Before leaving Oriole, there is one photo zone you can’t pass up! The café space on the first floor features a miniature two-person table set on display by the window. Many people enjoy taking pictures of this small setting placed before the backdrop of Haebangchon.

Directions: Noksapyeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 6). Take a taxi for approx. 6min.

Signature menus: Americano 5,000 won / Café latte 5,500 won / Tiramisu 6,500 won / Dacquoise (2 pieces) 5,000 won / Bottled beer 10,000~13,000 won



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