Taste of Korea: 5 delicious Korean snacks you should try

Photos by ChiHon Kim
Photos by ChiHon Kim

Taste of Korea: 5 delicious Korean snacks you should try

by Kim ChiHon
Stripes Korea

The time has never been more right for a snack, or two. Accessing your standard go-tos from back home is sometimes not possible. Besides, living overseas gives you a great opportunity to broaden your snack routine.

The shelves of the local convenience and grocery stores are saturated with an absurd number of different Korean snacks. But what to choose? The Korean alphabet on the package probably doesn’t help you decide from the vast selection.

Next time you’re on a snack run, check out some of my favorite picks from the local convenience for grocery store. Just a heads up, this story might stir your appetite. Enjoy!


Honey Butter Almond


This is my favorite snack and I bet your time in Korea won’t be complete without trying these popular honey-coated almonds. The sweet and salty taste of this will make you a fan, but it is the nutty finish which will cause the addiction.

You can find these in a variety of flavors, from wasabi to hot and spicy chicken. I, however, recommend the original, plus the cookies  &cream, caramel & pretzel and the tiramisu flavors.

These are a great-tasting, and somewhat healthy snack to keep around. And, believe me, you’ll want to stock up on these because once you’ve had one, you’ll want more.
Pairs well with beer and other adult beverages.

Price: about 5,000 won (or $4.09)


Cham Bungeo-ppang

Before there were honey butter almonds in my life, my love was reserved for only Cham Bungeo-ppang. The fish-shaped bread’s full name is Chewy Cham Bungeo-ppang and as its name suggests, this is made of chewy sticky rice cake and filled with dense chocolate cream.

To this day, I still wonder what secret ingredient is added to this highly addictive sweet treat, but I will guarantee you will eat them all in one sitting. If the rubbery texture of rice cake isn’t your thing, then go for the Choco Bungeo-ppang with less rice cake and more chocolate cream. Because who doesn’t love chocolate?

Price: about 3,300 won for a pack of 8



Amongst many factory-made chocolate snacks, the Market-O Real Brownie is probably the only classic fudge brownie that closely resembles its homemade version. These are so popular that they’ve quickly been elevated to a must-have souvenir. The gooey bites are a bit small but are rich and bring that ridiculously-chocolatey flavor you would expect from a brownie.

The brand also has a new matcha brownie flavor which mixes high-quality green tea powder and chocolate chunks. These will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Best of luck eating only one! The Market-O Real brand also has a cracker which deserves an honorable mention.

Price: Each bag comes with twelve bites for about 4,180 won.


Honey Butter Chip

This was the hottest chip on the block a few years ago. Honey Butter Chip was flying off the shelves and led to a black market because they were selling quicker than stores could stock them. All of this with good reason: these potato chips are darn good!

Though they’re not as hot as they once were, they are still just as delicious. These seasoned potato chips with a lovely buttery aroma are a bit greasy but their awesome sweet/salty combo explains why many Koreans went crazy for this snack. Perfect for a movie night or a midnight snack, you won’t have to go searching for these in clandestine marketplaces, they’re available everywhere!

Price: 1,500 won.


Lotte Anytime (Xylitol mint candy)

I used to think this was a candy for kids only, but a co-worker kindly gifted me one of these minty sweets, my mind was changed. This has the right amount of sweetness and mild mintiness, with the additional benefit of being sugar-free and low-calorie.

If you love mint and have a sweet tooth like me, this minty candy is also great for road trips, so add that to your list for future trips.

Price: A pack will set you back a mere 1,400 won.

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