Taste of Korea: Best Korean foods for chilly days

Taste of Korea: Best Korean foods for chilly days

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

The cold weather has returned to the city which means that locals look to warm hearty comfort foods for the winter.

From sweet hotteok pancakes to a delicious warm pork soup, here are seven Korean foods to keep you toasty warm on a cold winter’s day.

Mul tteok

A long, cylindrical soup-based rice cake, this Busan specialty is the white colored chewy version served in an odaeng soup. Head to the street vendors in Nampodong to get a taste of this Busan delicacy.

Busan Eomuk

Known in English as Busan Fish Cake, you can enjoy a variety of the local treat as a croquette or in its original form. Check out Samjin Eomuk at Busan Station to get the best in the city.

Yubu Jumeoni

This pocket-shaped fried tofu stew is cooked in a hot broth perfect for a winter day. The yubu (fried tofu) is filled with glass noodles and vegetables and has become known as one of the signature seasonal dishes in Busan.


This eatery in Bumin-dong has been in existence since 1947 serving wandong, or a Chinese version of dumpling soup for 6,000 won. This very thin-skinned dumpling is served in a deeply-flavored broth, offering a satisfying meal.

Seed hotteok

Possibly Busan’s most famous dessert, the sweet pancake with nuts is a staple on any trip to Nampodong. The sweet pancake with cinnamon-flavored brown sugar is stuffed with sunflower seeds and nuts making its unique savory flavor a distinctly Busan trademark.

Dwaeji Gukbap

The city’s most popular dish amongst locals and domestic tourists, this pork and rice soup constantly ranks as one of the best dishes in the city. Seomyeon’s Dwaeji-gukbap alley is a good place to start, or head to Dongnae and Oncheonjeong for a taste of the best the city has to offer. Add some Saeu-jeot (pickled tiny shrimps) and chopped leek to the soup for a taste of Busan heaven.

Danpat Juk

This Busan dish is said to drive evil spirits away, but the sweet red bean porridge is known to warm up locals on a cold, winter’s day. Head to Gukje Market to get a taste of the sweet dish in the alley dedicated to the dish.

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