Taste of Korea: Menyamatsuri near Humphreys serves up juicy gyoza

Photos courtesy of Menyamatsuri
Photos courtesy of Menyamatsuri

Taste of Korea: Menyamatsuri near Humphreys serves up juicy gyoza

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

Food cravings are unpredictable. When I visited Dunpo, a small neighborhood near Camp Humphreys, I had a craving for a steaming bowl of noodles in a savory broth. More specifically, I hankered for Japanese ramen with fresh noodles, paired with additions like slices of pork belly, soy sauce-soaked eggs, and seaweed in the long-simmered thick and rich broth.

To curb the craving, I chose Menyamatsuri (멘야마쯔리), a ramen chain store nearby that serves up Hakata tonkotsu-style ramen.

The restaurant has sectioned seating with plastic partitions, so I felt a little better about choosing to dine in. Though they offer take-out, I was worried my ramen would be ice-cold by the time I got home.

While I was there, I was lucky enough to enjoy Menyamatsuri’s limited promotion where diners between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. have their ramen bowls upgraded to a large size for free! I opted for tonkatsu ramen for 8,500 won ($ 7.10) and six pieces of gyoza dumplings for 4,000 won.

While I waited for my order, I overheard the owner and a customer talking about his regulars from Camp Humphreys. The restaurant definitely gave off a hole-in-the-wall, homey feel and the friendly owner and waitstaff created an atmosphere where they connected with their customers.

Soon, my ramen arrived, and I was slurping up the warm broth. Though I usually love thick broth, the one at Menyamtsuri was on the lighter side. The Japanese braised pork belly was a bit thin and a bit tough, not soft. And the noodles were disappointingly undercooked. Thought my meal was not bad, it also was not overwhelmingly tasty.

What truly saved this meal were the juicy, flavorful gyoza dumplings. Any complaint was forgotten with each bite of these delicious morsels!

If you’re expecting authentic Japanese ramen, Menyamatsuri is not the place. But if you want a quick, hearty meal close by, the localized version here is great for the portions and price. Visit for the ramen, but don’t miss the gyoza while you’re there!

Address: # Naver Map pin
    (KOR) 충남 아산시 둔포면 아산밸리중앙로 100 101호 멘야마쯔리 둔포점
    (ENG) 100, Asanvalleyjungang-ro, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si
Hours: 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Closed on every Monday)
Phones: 0507-1319-3236

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