Taste of Korea: Uokfarm serves up freshest ice cream in Pyeongtaek

Photos by ChiHon Kim
Photos by ChiHon Kim

Taste of Korea: Uokfarm serves up freshest ice cream in Pyeongtaek

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

You can pick up ice cream at supermarkets and small groceries stores, but I’ve been on a mission to find the best in Pyeongtaek. The other day, I've found a place that scoops up flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

Located in Songtan around the Seojeong-ri Station (or Osan AB), Uokfarm is a renowned ice cream shop that serves up tasty gelato and yogurt made on-site using locally produced dairy products.

Uokfarm owner Gwak Jin-yeong has been scooping up homemade ice cream since 2019, and she uses a family connection to ensure she serves of the freshest products possible. Milk used in her creamy offering comes from her father’s farm. Before opening her shop, she made an effort to ensure what she serves up high quality ice cream products, flying to Italy to brush up her ice cream making skills by attending a gelato school.

The dessert spot has a retro 80's vibe exterior covered with bricks that is a rare architecture trend in South Korea these days, and the clean and neat interior has some space where you can sit and enjoy your cool treats.

Crowds flock to Uokfarm for its rotation of eight delicious homemade soft-served ice cream that changes daily. The ice cream is not cheap, but the quality is worth the price. If you order a small size (11,000 won), you can pick two flavors. A medium size (14,000 won) allows for three flavors, while you can pick four flavors if you order a large (19,500 won). I think the small cup (3,800 won) with two flavors is the perfect size for kids and others who don’t want to overeat.

I had my mind set on green tea ice cream, but when I arrived, I quickly learned it was not on the menu for that day. I suggest checking Uokfarm’s Instagram account to see what special flavors Gwak has in store for you that day.  

My disappointment quickly faded as I checked out the display of ice cream. I opted for medium size and filled it with Oreo, peanut butter, and milk flavor ice cream.  At first bite, I fell in love with the peanut butter ice cream. The other two were also very satisfying. The ice cream wasn’t too sweet, which is a really good thing for me because I’m on a low-sugar diet. Gwak was also proud to point out that her ice cream has no artificial additives or coloring.

I also highly recommend the yogurt, which is also a big seller at Uokfarm.  I ordered a blueberry yogurt (500ml) for 7,000 won and Greek yogurt (200g) for 5,500 won. The yogurt is all natural and doesn’t contain any emulsifiers and stabilizers, which are common ingredients when yogurt is created in a factory.

The yogurt was very tasty and the generous portion of fresh blueberries from local farms is another reason you should try it. And you can take it home with you. I added the small batch of Greek yogurt to my bowl of oatmeal the next morning, which helped me feel full with a just few spoons. I loved the thick and consistent texture.

Overall, every moment of my ice cream experience at Uokfarm was unique. I'll definitely go for more. If you’re looking for cool and healthy ice cream, Uokfarm will scoop it up for you.

Address: 경기 평택시 송탄로 165 (KOR), 165, Songtan-ro, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do (ENG), NAVER MAP Naver Map
Hours: (Closed on Mon, Tue)
Phone: 0507-1353-1057
Hours: Noon to 9:00 p.m. 

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