Taste of Vietnam: Fast casual dining at Busan’s Miss Saigon

Taste of Vietnam: Fast casual dining at Busan’s Miss Saigon

by Sia Lee
haps Magazine Korea

Rather than eating the usual western fast food, cheap meals, Miss Saigon, a fast-casual Vietnamese chain restaurant offers delicious, healthier dining options at similar prices.

With over 15 locations around the city, Miss Saigon’s no-frills approach to dining keeps prices cheap without skimping on quality.

All stores offer a kiosk ordering service as well as self-serve seating and no table service.

After choosing your meal through the kiosk and picking it up at the counter, you can expect a healthier dining option than the regular fast food joints with equal prices.

All dishes run under 10,000 won, and its minimalistic menu includes a beef pho for 6,300 won, fried noodles for 6,500 won, Bún bò Huế for 7,500 won, and the most expensive item, Bun Cha, for 9,800 won.

While taste may vary at each location, the stores are usually quite consistent and offer great value for price and taste.

Restaurant Information

Miss Saigon

15 locations around Busan

Open: 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily

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