Time for Hakkkongchi Mulhoe – PohangHoegwan in Yeonsan-dong

Time for Hakkkongchi Mulhoe – PohangHoegwan in Yeonsan-dong

by Yoona Kang
Haps Magazine Korea
Hakkkongchi is a popular fish caught only around Korea and Japan during winter time. As Pohang is well-known in the country for boasting many local eateries of mulhoe around Guryongpo Port in the south of Pohang, this eatery hits the spot for those who can’t make it out of the city and are yearning for a taste of the sea.
Pohanghoegwan, a popular dining spot around Yeonsan-dong, serves up dishes of the freshly caught delicacy from the local waters of the East Sea.
Among the four kinds on offer, Hakkkongchi mulhoe would be the number one choice this time of year.
Mulhoe is traditionally served in an icy-seasoned soup, but they go one step further here by serving it more like bibim hoe, making it a delicious meal to be enjoyed year-round.
After mixing it like bibimbap, you can make a wrap using a sesame leaf, add rice and the veg, eat it altogether and get ready to blast your tastebuds; the Korean laver, vegetables, and the raw fish are all fresh, and the strong, quite spicy sauce blends together beautifully with the other ingredients. For an even better taste experience, follow that with a spoonful of the warm, mild bean sprout soup which will soothe your palate until you’re ready for the next wrap.
A regular portion starts at 13,000 won though don’t be shy and spend the extra 2,000 won and go big. Nothing says Korean dinner like adding some local alcohol, and the regular accompaniments of soju and beer are available at reasonable prices.
Almost all the ingredients are from local fields and waters. One or two kinds of mulhoe may not be available sometimes if the owners are not satisfied with the quality of the fish.
During summer, Pohanghoegwan is packed almost all the time and it can take around or more than two hours to get served.
Restaurant Information
Pohanghoegwan (포항회관)
(They do not open on rainy days, Sundays, and Seollal and Chuseok holidays)
Address: 42-2, Geojecheon-ro182beongil, Yeonje-gu, Busan
Phone: 051-866-0480
Parking: Not available
Reservation: Available for bigger groups

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