USAG Daegu: CFC is a chance to make a difference

by Yi, Eung-Hyun
USAG Daegu PAO (Intern)

DAEGU GARRISON -- “When we give what we can, and give it with joy, we don’t just renew the American tradition of giving, we also renew ourselves,” is a quote that speaks to the importance of caring and giving. The words are those of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, and at no time are they more meaningful and appropriate than right now as the 2015 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) makes its way across USAG Daegu and Area IV.

Among many, CFC is said to be the only authorized solicitation of employees in the federal workplace. The program allows donors to direct contributions to the charity of the donor's choice. The individuals who benefit from CFC donations include the hungry, homeless, disabled, at-risk youth and families in need. In addition to health and human welfare other charities that provide programs and services include animal welfare and the arts.

Standing by to assist in the conduct of this longstanding Federal civilian workplace charity program is Laquita D. Walters, CFC Project Officer, USAG Daegu. Walters and her small team of helpers, have been working feverishly to make this year’s campaign one of the best the garrison has ever known. From aerobic-thons to pie-toss contests, efforts have been made to draw as many people as possible into the circle of giving. “The CFC campaign not only helps out military families, but it helps out the military installation as well. Add to that, the campaign is all about improving the quality of life for all it touches. That’s what the Combined
Federal Campaign is. As people and organizations come together, their shared giving and donations provide hope to others,” stated Walters.

For those Soldiers, family members, DoD Civilians, and retirees desiring to contribute to this annual Federal campaign, the step-by-step process is easy, and begins by contacting your unit CFC representative for details on just how to get started. CFC officials say that individuals can make their pledge or donations by using the paper-pledge materials provided by their CFC unit representative. Pledges can be made to the CFC through a number of options. Those options include payroll deduction, check, cash, credit or debit card or e-check…any payment method that is most convenient for the donor.

The paper-pledge card will outline very clearly the amount and the period the donor wishes to cover. With thousands of charitable organizations to choose from, the paper-pledge card eliminates the donor from having to be bombarded with filling out several forms. Several selections can be made on the one card. So, the donor can in essence, support as many charitable organizations as they would like in just a single pledge. Donors get to choose exactly how funds are distributed or allocated to each charity selected. Your CFC unit representative can provide more guidance and details on tax-related inquiries.

 Touted by CFC officials as being the worlds largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, after 50 years it continues to have an impact on individuals and communities both near and far. Across USAG Daegu and Area IV, every effort to keep that momentum alive, is being made by Walters and her colleagues. She said, “People who participate in CFC freely select the organization or charity they desire to support. For instance, they might want to support people who are in need ---whether that need has to do with sickness or with poverty. When it comes to helping each other, military and civilian personnel tend to fully understand what it takes to make a difference.”  

For USAG Daegu and Area IV, this year’s CFC campaign is currently underway, and will run through November 20, 2015.   However, the doors are always open for giving throughout the year. Walters hopes the Area IV community will embrace the campaign and rally around the spirit of giving. She said that something everyone should keep in mind is that anyone could need help at any time. She then added, “If we diminish giving, then the strength of the CFC program will diminish. Now is a good time to help your neighbors and others so that they may have a better quality of life.”

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