Viddy well, little brother, viddy well

Viddy well, little brother, viddy well

by Liam Ring
Groove Korea (

With more than a knowing nod to Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, Itaewon’s latest venue Moloko Plus promises a thoroughly unique late night / early morning of entertainment. Modeling its decor partly on the Korova Milkbar – where protagonist Alex and his droogs begin the controversial masterpiece – the bar’s concept is the brainchild of Dali-moustached film buff Nico Lesage, who saw something of Itaewon in the ultra dementia of the film’s atmosphere. Born into French aristocratic stock, the former Paris-based party-planner spent the last three years studying all-things Korean before coming to Seoul on holiday. “I came to Seoul, met Kuk-Keun (the owner of the bar) and we decided to set up a themed place that would create a mood with all senses and possibilities.” Part of this mood will be an emphasis on participation. “We want to create a space with no spectators… only participants… with dancers, performers and crazy thematics.”

Musically, the bar’s sound system offers everything from 1970s French songs – often remixed in-house for a different twist – playing anything from Talking Heads to the latest techno tracks. Opening behind King’s Club in one of the more colorful parts of town, the bar specializes in ‘Moloko Cocktails’, with flavours such as Almond, Kahlua, Mint, Strawberry and Peach. One particular favorite is the specially designed milk bottles for the shots, which Nico says is a big favorite with both customers and staff. “People will often walk around with them. Pouring drinks for other people; sometimes even to complete strangers!” The bottles cost KRW15,000 though but if you just want a taste you can get a shot for KRW3,000. No interest in milk cocktails? The bar also stocks Bavaria beer at KRW6,000 and Bavaria Strong at KRW8,000.

Looking ahead, one plan Nico and his crew – John, Uri and Alice – have is for a “secret room” dedicated to events like body-painting, temporary tattooing and live shows. “We are also planning for exhibitions of photography and painting, a fashion section, perhaps even a barber shop.” What arrives out of this maelstrom is a melange of design, music, atmosphere and of course, partying – a bar friendly to everyone and every theme. “We are steam-punk friendly, burner friendly, rocky horror friendly…,” Nico laughs… “even Smurf friendly! The most important thing is to be in the mood and make everybody happy!”

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