VIDEO: Speakin’ Korean lesson: Do you offer carryout?

VIDEO: Speakin’ Korean lesson: Do you offer carryout?

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

Ordering takeout in South Korea can be intimidating, but don't worry! There are many eateries offering take-out and if you learn to use this key phrase, you’ll be able to grab your favorite food to go.

First, you might need to ask the restaurant employee whether they have a to-go menu or not, before ordering meal. In this situation, use this expression: “po-jang doe-na-yo?” which means “Do you have carryout?” If they do have a to-go menu, use this expression when ordering food: “pojanghae juseyo,” which means “To-go please.”

“Do you have carryout?”

= “포장되나요?” (po-jang doe-na-yo)

(포장 pojang = to go, 되나요? doe-na-yo = available?)


“To-go please.”

= “포장해 주세요.“ (pojanghae juseyo)

(포장 pojang = to go, 주세요 juseyu = please)

Stay safe and keep an eye out for the next Speakin’ Korean lesson.

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