VIDEO| Speakin’ Korean lesson: I’m allergic to peanuts

VIDEO| Speakin’ Korean lesson: I’m allergic to peanuts

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

For those who live with food allergies, blindly choosing a dish at any restaurant can be very tricky. And there is always a bit of anxiety over new food that you have never tried before. But we understand that there is still a safe way of enjoying a restaurant meal without giving up trying new food.

If you have an allergy to peanuts and want to let servers know about it, give this phrase a try when ordering food at a restaurant.

“’I’m allergic to peanuts.”

= 저는 땅콩 알레르기가 있어요. [ joe-neun ttangkong al-le-leu-gi-ga iss-eo-yo ]

  • “’I’m allergic to (food).”

= 저는 (      ) 알레르기가 있어요. [ joe-neun (       ) al-le-leu-gi-ga iss-eo-yo ]

Seafood 해산물 [ haesanmul ], Nuts 견과류 [ gyeongwaryu ], Milk 우유 [ uyu ], Eggs 계란 [ gyeran ], Pork 돼지고기 [ dwaejigogi ]

Stay safe and keep an eye out for the next Speakin’ Korean lesson.

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