Warm yourself up with a popular Korean snack Hotteok

Warm yourself up with a popular Korean snack Hotteok

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Hotteok, a hot and fried sweet pancake with brown sugar filling, is one of the most popular winter snacks in Korea. Traditionally, a hotteok is made by griddling sugar-filled dough from wheat or glutinous rice flour, but there are also other variations like corn hotteoks or hotteok stuffed with seeds, vegetables, or honey. Taking a bite of a freshly fried hotteok on a cold winter day is a great way to warm up.

An Offbeat Taste - Yachae (vegetable) Hotteok at Namdaemun Market
For those who are already familiar with the sweet filling of the commonly sold sugar pancakes, try a yachae hotteok for a change. Filled with glass noodles and vegetables such as onions, chives, and carrots, yachae hotteok has a mildly salty flavor that resembles a fried dumpling. Yachae hotteoks can taste a bit greasy as it is griddled in oil, but the strong chive taste helps dampen the greasy flavor. Soy sauce seasoned with fruits and vegetables can be spread on the pancakes to taste. There are many vendors selling yachae hotteoks throughout the Naedaemun Market area, but the one located right next to the Industrial Bank of Korea in front of Gate 2 of the Namdaemun Market is particularly famous for its unique taste.
Price: 1,000 won

Rich in Flavor! - Oksusu (corn) Hotteok at Teolbone in Insa-dong
Oksusu hotteok is a must-try delicacy for visitors of Insa-dong. Teolbone Hotteok, located in front of the Aritaum cosmetics store behind the well-known Ssamziegil Building in Insa-dong, is famous for its corn and has a rich flavor thanks to its stuffing of brown sugar and nuts.
Price: 1,000 won

Original Sauce – Yachae (vegetable) Hotteok at Samcheong-dong

A 5 minute walk out of Exit 1 of Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) leads to a hotteok stand that is said to make the tastiest hotteok in the Samcheong-dong area. The place sells both honey and vegetable filled hotteoks. In particular, the yachae hotteok is even more delicious when it is dipped in the shop’s special sauce made with paprika, onion, and chili. Try a freshly made hotteok while enjoying your stroll along the charming streets of Samcheong-dong.
Price: 1,000 won

Packed with Savory Seeds – Ssiat (seed) Hotteok in Busan

The Street of Film across from the Jagalchi Market in Busan is lined with a variety of street food vendors. One vendor stands out among the rest with its unusually long lines.  This vendor sells ssiat hotteok, which is filled with sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The seeds are stuffed only after the dough is cooked on the griddle, so it has more flavor and tastes less greasy. Ssiat hotteok also offers a more traditional sweet taste as the seeds are mixed in sugar.
Price: 1,000 won

* Hotteok prices may change depending on the vendors, and some of the street vendors do not have an official address.



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