What are foreign tourists biggest complaints about Korean restaurants?

What are foreign tourists biggest complaints about Korean restaurants?

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

A recent report by the Korean Food Research Institute showed that dining experiences by foreign tourists in Korea have been improving.

The biggest attraction for tourists at Korean restaurants was “taste” and “unique dining experience”, especially when dining at Korean meat restaurants and cooking their own food.

Restaurants with foreign language menus and nice atmosphere also scored well on the survey with over 90% satisfaction.

However, according to the report, nearly 85% of tourists biggest complaints about Korean restaurants were the healthiness of the food, the price, and the overall hygiene of the establishments.

Almost 75% also responded that communication problems with restaurant employees when ordering was a major problem.

Samgyupsal was foreign tourists top food to try again if they will visit again.

Meat dishes were the most popular, with foreign tourists preferring samgyupsal, or pork belly, as the top food they would want to eat again when visiting Korea.

The report stated that “satisfaction of foreign tourists eating at Korean restaurants in Korea has greatly increased”, though there is still work to be done.

The Korean Food Research Institute surveyed 1,000 foreign tourists who visited Korea last June and July for the report.

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