What you want, at Fugetsu

by Mishka Grobler
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

In the heart of Seoul lies a district known for its shopping, street markets and restaurants: Myeong-dong, an area where Japanese is more commonly spoken than English and vendors busily sell their wares.  

Here, wedged between racks of clothes and the latest fashions, is Fugetsu – Korea’s answer to the Japanese influence that has survived the country’s history to become a subculture. The restaurant’s specialty is the best that Osaka, Japan, has to offer in culinary art. 

Drinks range from Asahi to sake to fruit soju mixes, but this isn’t why the crowds line up for the place. What really gets the diners going is the okonomiyaki, a Japanese-style pancake made of flour, eggs, cabbage, a range of other vegetables and your meat of choice. 

As the ingredients differ from region to region, the name becomes more significant – okonomi literally means “what you want,” and that’s exactly what you get at Fugetsu. The menu is based around a few main ingredients – egg, pork, squid, cabbage and sauce – and the combinations offered make Fugetsu worth a visit. 

The sets include fried noodles, slices of meat, egg rolls and of course, okonomiyaki. If you’re keen for Korean barbecue with a Japanese flavor (and all the work done for you) Fugetsu is the place to be. 

Along with the usual pleasantries, waiters mix the okonomiyaki before placing it on a hot plate while you watch and wait for it to be ready. While the katsuobushi toppings (smoked tuna shavings) curl up, the egg rolls and noodle dishes are ready to eat with a set of chopsticks and your very own spatula. 

Fugetsu Myeong-dong is incredibly popular with the locals, and arriving early will ensure you’re not handed a number and told to join the queue. Otherwise, expect a bit of a wait, even with the quick turnover. Either way, a delicious meal lies ahead.

Getting there‭:

Walk out of Myeongdong Station‭, ‬Exit 6‭ (‬Uniqlo‭) ‬and turn left‭. ‬Turn right after Zara‭, ‬next to Forever 21‭. ‬Fugetsu is located on‭ ‬your left‭, ‬on the second floor‭. ‬A cheerful pig adornes the door‭.‬

Fugetsu also has branches in Hongdae‭, ‬Gangnam and Mapo-gu‭.‬

Groove Korea website


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