Wolf Pack vehicle maintainers keep mission moving

Wolf Pack vehicle maintainers keep mission moving

by Senior Airman Ashley L. Gardner
8th Fighter Wing PAO

Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea -- Grease splatters across their coveralls while oil and grease stain their hands. One turn of a wrench at a time, the 8th Logistic Readiness Squadron vehicle maintainers are keeping motorized vehicles across Kunsan Air Base running.
Vehicle maintainers must know how to work on all types of vehicles. Everything from fire trucks to fork lifts; they are keeping the mission flowing by making sure the vehicles are repaired and ready.

 "The customers’ needs are our number one priority," said Master Sgt. Michael Wright, 8th LRS vehicle maintenance manager. “Our goal is always to provide quality repairs in a timely matter. We do all we can with what we are given."

 The LRS Airmen maintain conveyances in order to fulfill the mission and to assist Airmen in completing their ideal task in the long run. It isn’t until a vehicle breaks down that some may realize how important transportation and equipment are for day-to-day jobs.

 Squadrons that use group transportation rely on LRS maintainers.
“If vehicle maintenance could not perform their job in a timely manner, it will cause a domino effect and will greatly hinder the Kunsan mission,” said Master Sgt. Arwin Sarinas, 8th LRS vehicle management superintendent. “With vehicle management having oversight and control over all maintenance responsibilities on all Air Force vehicles, failure would hamper the wing's mission.”
If those vehicles break down it may be tougher to re-coordinate plans depending on when the problem arises. That, in the end, may negatively impact the mission.
“We touch all the vehicles on base,” said Senior Airman Anthony Benitez, 8th LRS vehicle maintainer. “If we don’t do our job nobody really moves.”
LRS vehicles are used for base security, for construction, and for many other reasons. If they aren't maintained properly, the mission could fail.
The Airmen work together and strive for excellence.
“The Airmen here without a doubt are the best group of Airmen I have worked with,” said Wright. “They are hardworking, enthusiastic and have great attitudes. This is a great shop.”
Though vehicle maintaining is the 8th LRS vehicle maintainer’s primary duty; everyone can help them by taking care of the vehicles that are essential to the mission.

 “Take an ownership mentality of the vehicles assigned to their unit,” said Sarinas. “Most importantly, drive safely to prevent accidents which could cause unnecessary repairs, vehicle downtime, and expenses, or worst, injury or loss of life.”

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