Yaletown: The Best Nachos in Korea

Yaletown: The Best Nachos in Korea

by Read Urban
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

Around the corner from Yonsei University's gate is Yaletown, a sports bar and burger joint, a place that provides a taste of North America for the homesick international student and ESL teacher. Named after a neighborhood in Vancouver, Yaletown tries hard to deliver authentic North American fare. The Sinchon area is filled with bars, so why should you head to Yaletown? Well, walking into the restaurant you are transported from the hustle and bustle of Sinchon to the familiar feeling of a small-town college bar. It’s easy to forget about the dokbokki carts and mandu stalls outside once you sit down and look over the menu.

Their menu is focused on no-frills bar food made well and cooked to order. Towers of poutine greet you as you enter, reminding you that this restaurant is Canadian at heart and ready to feed all hungry patrons.

Dig into a tray of nachos (hailed by many as the best in Korea), loaded with fresh made guacamole and salsa, but save room for the burgers. Yaletown has a list of burgers to choose from, ranging from the classic bacon cheeseburger, to the more adventurous Hawaiian Burger, topped with grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce. All of the burgers are the same price, so you don't have to break the bank trying that mushroom burger or adding that fried egg that looks so tempting. Craving a burger for lunch? Yaletown is open everyday for lunch with a shortened menu and reduced prices.

Owner Jason Lee, an ex-sports reporter in Vancouver, makes sure that patrons get their fill of sports along with food. Multiple screens allow sports fans to watch whichever game is on. Ask nice enough, and the staff will put on the game you came to watch.

Now that it is football season, Yaletown stays open late on Sundays for the diehard sport fans wanting to come watch the games live. During commercial breaks, put some time into the two beer pong tables next to the bar. Take part in their beer pong tournament, drink a craft beer, or show your manliness by hammering a nail into a wooden stump. Either way, have fun and enjoy yourself.
To get to Yaletown, walk west out of Sinchon Station. The bar is located near the entrance to Yonsei University.


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