Yoga rocks on the ROK! to be held at Osan on June 27

by Kat Nickola
Stripes Korea

Presented by Warrior One, FREE
27 June 2015 from 1000-1200
Location: Osan Fitness Center.

On Saturday 27 June 2015, the grassroots organization WarriorOne is hosting their kick-off event: Yoga Rocks on the Rock.  This outdoor family-friendly event will have something for everyone!  The day starts at 1000 with an all-inclusive uplifting 45 minute group yoga practice.  A festival atmosphere will continue throughout the morning with music, kid attractions, and a special guest speaker.  Children will even have the opportunity to participate in a special yoga session just for them!  In addition, many local Osan base agencies and community organizations will be in attendance to offer their support for the WarriorOne effort and bring information about the healthy mind and body opportunities available in the area.  This includes the Fitness Center and people who bring CrossFit, Spin, and Zumba to our part of the ROK.  You will have the opportunity to connect with the specialists in Massage Therapy and get information from the Mental Health unit.  Have you ever heard of acro-yoga?  Well, come for the demonstration; it will leave you feeling energized and more resilient than before!  The entire morning promises to bring together the four pillars of resiliency: mental, physical, social, and spiritual well being.

The WarriorOne organization has been crafted with resiliency in mind.  A grassroots effort, and the brainchild of four Osan community members, the non-profit organization is taking root with Osan Air Base as its first satellite location.  What began with yoga classes offered at the Community Center has grown to include a large network at the base.  Members began to worry that, like many things at Osan, the classes would fizzle when leaders started to PCS.  As a response, the WarriorOne organization was created to provide a means for continuing the health benefits of living mindfully, which includes the yoga classes, but also much more.  As member Nikki Yoakley put it, “I learned a ton once I met Alex…living mindfully is the key to managing stress and finding joy in everyday events.  I no longer had to go on vacation or attend an exciting event to feel gratitude and experience satisfaction and joy.”  Alex Young has been key to beginning yoga here at Osan, and brought her ideas about WarriorOne from experiences at Davis-Monthan AFB.

The vision of the organization is to provide services that cultivate resiliency in every member of the United States military community.  A big goal?  Yes.  Can it be done?  With community effort! The organization is already responsible for the free yoga, mindfulness, and life coaching classes held at Osan, and their vision is global.  By ensuring that military communities, or satellite locations, around the world have access to these same services they hope to arm the U.S. military with the tools and strategies needed to maintain mental health and physical strength in the face of many challenges. The WarriorOne ambassadorship program offers scholarships for military members to train as yoga leaders or mindfulness coaches.  Ambassadors can then provide support, classes, and relevant communication with their fellow military members in a way that is both unique and effective; this is how the organization can continue to bring healthy lifestyle opportunities to transient communities like Osan and other stressful locations where our military members need it most.   For more information about WarriorOne or supporting the ambassador effort visit

See you at Yoga Rocks on the ROK!

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