The Korean plastic surgeon who turns scars into art

Photos by Vincent Clinic
Photos by Vincent Clinic

The Korean plastic surgeon who turns scars into art

Vincent Clinic

For 20 years, Dr. Cho has been providing medical tattoo services to patients of all ages and races.

Dr. Cho’s story began in the summer of 1999 when a middle-aged man visited his hospital to erase a rose tattoo. The tattoo of the man left such a huge impact on him that he searched for the tattooist and later became his student.

Despite the challenges faced due to stereotypes on people who get tattoos and those in his line of work, he never gave up and followed his genuine love for his work, ignoring what anyone said.

Medical tattoo is usually misunderstood as only drawing inscriptions, tigers and others, but it has a more profound meaning and significance. Medical tattoo is classified as a medical service — which means that only medical professionals are allowed to perform the procedure. As the majority of tattoo artists here do not hold medical licenses, they are technically working illegally.

The procedure can cover scars from burns, accidents, etc., as well as even out the skin tone of patients with vitiligo, albinism, stretch marks, pigmentation on the genitalia of transgendered persons, create nipples for patients with wa history of breast cancer and others. You can also undergo a semi-permanent lip, eyeliner and eyebrow tattoo for anyone who doesn’t have enough hair on their eyebrows, dissatisfied with previous procedures or needs to cover accident scars, as well as tattoo removal.

As some cases may need surgical procedures before tattoos can be done, it is always advisable to undergo this procedure with a certified doctor and Dr. Cho is the right person in any situation as he possesses not only an artistic sense and experience but is a medical practitioner as well.

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Contact Number: 02-507-8000

Address: 5, Toegye-ro 16-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 2nd floor

Are semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos for men, too?

Yes, men can get semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos and they do so for various reasons. Including: 

1. Not enough hair on their eyebrows

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos are needed for men who want their eyebrows to appear fuller. In this case, only the thin parts are filled out to have a more natural look.

2. Dissatisfaction with previous semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo

For those who have had eyebrow tattoos before but it blurred out or just generally dissatisfied with the outcome and want to correct it.

3. To cover scars on the eyebrow area

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos can help reduce the appearance of scars on the eyebrow or eyelid.

Real-life cases

Client A had an unbalanced eyebrow height which was totally different from the other, with a partial defect on one side. His original appearance changed a lot after the procedure.

Client B had a wound towards the upper eyelid which made his face look asymmetrical. In this case, we did a small surgery and tattoo. After the eyebrow was lifted, and abnormal skin was remove, then we proceeded with a tattoo.He was also extremely satisfied with the result.

This treatment requires a tattooist who is also a doctor with experience in surgical method and aesthetics who will produce a satisfactory design. If you are looking for this type of procedure, Dr. Cho is the right person to help.

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo

What is Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP), is simply a scalp tattoo performed for people who are stressed out by hair loss.

It is a procedure for those who are not satisfied with hair loss prevention or treatment products or those who have not seen the effect of hair loss treatment.

It's a procedure that fills the empty scalp with a mole-like hair root.

It's not just a treatment of creating dots on the scalp but it is a procedure involving a lot of skill where the practitioner creates dots in the shape of hair roots.

Dr. Myung Shin ChoMD, PhD

Plastic Surgeon and Tattooist | Vincent Tattoo, Seoul

20 years of experience with over 1,000 operations and treatments

  • Medical degree from Chung-Ang University
  • MBA from Seoul National University
  • Published as the leading Plastic Surgeon in the Moonhwa Newspaper and Seoul Broadcasting
  • Board member of the Korean Plastic Surgery Association
  • Member of the Korea Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member of the Asia Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Member of the Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery


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