Live Dental Hospital in Incheon covers you with timely dental care!

Photos by Live Dental Hospital
Photos by Live Dental Hospital

Live Dental Hospital in Incheon covers you with timely dental care!

Live Dental Hospital

Pediatric dental treatment

After the baby’s teeth begin to come out, it is necessary to start visiting the dentist for a check every 3-6 months. To prevent the development of cavities in children, it is recommended to apply fluoride to the teeth every 3 months, and when chewing teeth (molars) appear, it is recommended to apply a sealant to them. Timely treatment of deciduous teeth will help them play their role to the end and prevent the development of cavities on permanent teeth.


Orthodontic treatment

Depending on each person, the time to start carrying out orthodontic treatment differs. If a child has complications with the jaw, milk teeth were lost early, supernumerary teeth are present, permanent teeth began to grow in the wrong direction - it is necessary to contact an orthodontist for advice. If there are no such problems but parents want to correct crooked teeth, you can start orthodontic treatment at about 11-13 years old. Orthodontic treatment can also be carried out in adulthood, but the earlier treatment is started, the easier it is to carry out.


Wisdom tooth extraction

If a wisdom tooth begins to grow abnormally due to its growth, anterior teeth may change in position, which can lead to curvature of the teeth and malocclusion. Therefore, if a wisdom tooth begins resting on an adjacent tooth, it must be removed so it doesn’t displace adjacent teeth and lead to inflammation in the gums.


Cavities treatment

Cavities not treated in time can develop into more serious problems, such as pulpitis and tooth extraction. The sooner you start treating cavities, the more you can save time and money for treatment.



Sometimes usual brushing of teeth does not prevent the development of calculus, which can erode enamel. If it spreads below the gum, it can lead to loosening, and in extreme cases, to the extraction of a tooth. Therefore, in order to prevent the development of tooth pathology due to calculus and plaque, it is advisable to undergo professional teeth cleaning at least once a year.

Post-endodontic treatment

During endodontic treatment, the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth are removed, which ultimately makes the tooth weak and vulnerable to tooth breakage. Therefore, it is important to place a dental crown after endodontic treatment.


Missing teeth

Teeth have a tendency to move and tilt towards missing teeth from the front and from the opposite side. Also, over time in the place of missing teeth, the partial bone loss and gingival subsidence can occur. After the extraction of teeth (in addition to wisdom teeth), it is important to start performing prosthetics (e.g., implants, dental bridges) on time. If this treatment is postponed, additional procedures may be required, such as bone grafting. In extreme cases, this may lead to not being able to install implants.


Teeth whitening

If the treatment plan includes the installation of implants, prostheses and whitening, then teeth whitening should be done first. After all, the color of artificial teeth (prosthetics) is best matched to the already bleached teeth. Also, after teeth whitening, for long-term maintenance of color, it is advisable to whiten teeth regularly once every 6 months. The opinion that teeth whitening is harmful to dental health is now considered erroneous.


Visit the dentist every six months

Prevention of diseases and their treatment at an early stage is beneficial for preserving and prolonging the life of teeth, as well as for reducing the cost of their treatment.


Taking care of our patients

LIVE Dental Hospital provides professional treatment in the field of dentistry. The hospital has two centers - in Gangnam in Seoul and on Bupyeong in Incheon.Both centers are registered as medical institutions that service foreign patients. An International Medical Team helps to consult and answer international patients’ questions 1:1 via email, SNS, etc.


Live Dental Hospital

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