Our story at Korea's U-MEDI: It’s all about you!

Our story at Korea's U-MEDI: It’s all about you!


For us, compassion towards those who are suffering from illness ranks high. We understand the drive in those who seek beauty and perfection in their daily lives. We strive for the wellness of others and firmly hold onto our belief that physical and mental wellness are both of equal and utmost importance.

In recognizing the potential language and cultural barriers, U-MEDI has turned its attention to healthcare needs of foreign nationals.

Inconsistent schedules and misunderstandings during the treatment process are some of the challenges patients face in Korean hospitals. These situations can make patients feel lonely in a setting where doctors and nurses are handling multiple tasks and the care of others. We understand these situations and believe patients need someone who can guide and provide all the necessary information specific to their situation, including cost, diagnosis, procedures and other for better care. At U-MEDI, we are here to help our patients navigate their care in South Korea’s state-of-the-art medical system.

We hold great value in trusted partnership by acknowledging cultural differences and providing services with compassion and trustworthiness.

We are for people who need a medical system specialized to their needs, especially foreigners in Korea.








Our Services

Find a doctor

Choosing a doctor isn’t the same as finding a restaurant or nearby attraction. That’s why U-MEDI provides a detailed profile and medical information of doctors, including their qualifications, clinical experience, hospital quality, patient reviews and more.

From family doctors to psychiatrists, OB/GYN, neurologists, cardiologists, plastic surgeons, allergists, dermatologists, Korean traditional medicine and more, U-medi can help you find a specialized doctor specific for your health needs.

Hospital Interpretation

For years, U-MEDI has faithfully delivered commendable interpretation and translation services to healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients at their critical moments of need. We are very proud to be the trusted language support provider to hundreds of healthcare institutions across the Republic of Korea.

Our service includes interpretation delivered by qualified interpreters, as well as on-site translation of all vital documents to ensure the safety and satisfaction of patients.

Hospital Transportation

U-medi provides a non-emergency door-to-door hospital transportation service to individuals and groups who may need special support getting to and from their healthcare appointments. Based on your need, we can suggest the most effective and efficient transportation options available.

We also offer online bookings, making reservations easy and straightforward. At the heart of our service is our commitment to the patient’s comfort, customer service and quality.


CEO’s Welcome Address

I am Weonbum Ha, the CEO of U-MEDI.

Thank you for your support and interest in U-MEDI.

I started U-MEDI in 2014 with the goal of providing a service that reduces the challenges that foreigners face when they visit hospitals in South Korea.

Particularly, we wanted to help find relevant medical information, insights, and medical gaps that are essential for foreigners seeking care.

U-MEDI services include:

1. Find a doctor: You can find a doctor personalized for your health or beauty needs (http://u-medi.com/find-a-doctor)

2. Transportation: We provided door-to-door transportation services to help you get to/from the hospital (http://u-medi.com/transportation)

3. Interpretation: We provide interpretation and translation of hospital documents to help easily access healthcare services (http://u-medi.com/interpretation)  

We will continue to implement various services aimed at addressing issues with obtaining care to help ensure access to healthcare in South Korea.

Once again, thank you and If you have any questions or requests, please contact us below.          

Homepage: www.u-medi.com

Facebook: @UMEDIkorea

Instagram: @umediwellness

Telephone: 010-5817-1005

Health news: www.u-medi.com/news

Please look forward to more services and medical information from U-medi in the future.


Thank you.

CEO Wayne, Weonbum Ha 

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