Do you need a trainer or not?


Do you need a trainer or not?

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published: May 22, 2017

To get a personal trainer or to not get a personal trainer? Isn’t this what Shakespeare said.  “To be or not to be...” in his opening phrase in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Well, something like this.

The question is do I need a trainer?  All he or she is going to do is say, “Do ‘X’ amount of sets/repetitions, exercises, stretches and do some cardio and see you tomorrow.”

Here are a few of the responses I have heard and overheard on why not to get a trainer over the years.“I know how to work out,” “I have a degree,” “I have been working out by myself for years,” “My best friend is a trainer,” “My father was a bodybuilder,” “Look at me does it look like I need a trainer.” The list goes on and on.

Have you ever heard me talk about “Bro-Science”? The guy in the gym who knows everything about working out because he is a so-called expert.

Here are a few items to think about before you make a decision on whether to get a trainer.

First, I need everyone to know that a Personal Trainer isn’t strictly there for the physical aspect of your workout.

Here are  8 reasons of WHY you should get a trainer.

  1. “Google” will give you much erroneous information if you don’t get credible sources.
  2. A trainer provides spiritual direction for those who interested.
  3. To be a “life coach” who helps you manage the daily rigors of school, work, family, etc.
  4. He/she is often, as I have learned from personal experience may be a “punching bag” not literally, but figuratively in terms of the client venting their frustrations to the trainer.
  5. The trainer will also hold you accountable for your actions.
  6. They could be a training partner.  Someone to motivate and compete with you to get that extra edge.  (Here is my recommendation a beginner shouldn’t be working out alongside their trainer)
  7. Research has also shown that you will get much better results with a partner as many other variables are happening such as accountability,  teamwork, encouragement, motivation, etc.
  8. What about this. An opportunity to gain more knowledge and pick up a new routine, exercise, etc. More “tools for your tool box.”

Personally, I have hired a “personal trainer” as an experienced trained professional with an advanced degree and multiple certifications over the years.

For example, you may be training for a specific goal or event such as a 5/10K, Spartan Run, Tough Mudder, physique contest, powerlifting meet, etc. or whatever the situation and merely step up your game.  This is a perfect time to do it!

Ultimately, I feel if you can afford one; whether it be multiple days or simply once per week or even once every couple of weeks the benefits would be immeasurable.

Maybe a better question is can I not afford to get a trainer?

So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and hire a personal trainer.  Have an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions and “pick” his/her brain.  I am certain you will love the feeling of having a comrade or an instructor next to you for that extra boost of confidence and push!

Stay tuned for PART II on “What to look for in a Personal Trainer.”

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Randy has 25 years of leadership, programming and directing experience in the sports, training, youth, recreation, coaching, education, fitness, health and wellness industry in vast positions with organizations such as; NJCAA, NCAA, USA Track and Field, Arena Football League II, Olympic Training Center, California Football Association, YMCA and the Department of Defense-FMWR as a “Subject Matter Expert.”   Randy prides himself on keeping up to date on ‘cutting edge’ and relevant pertinent information.

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