Tomato Dodgers have landed


Tomato Dodgers have landed

by: Emma Kalka | .
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published: October 11, 2017

Eclectic band to set off on first Korea tour.

Things are about to get a little bit strange in South Korea.

Hitting the trail around the country starting this week is action-funk rock band Tomato Dodgers, from College Park, Maryland.

The band is on a mission to make “live music as strange and powerful an experience as possible.” From member Antihero, which the bands calls a masked spectre who floats around casting spells, to their odd on-stage antics such as feeding each other toast, the band is set to bring something completely different to South Korea. They make up entire songs on the spot and have been known to dance with the audience as well as build time machines during sets.

To say the show will be a one-of- kind experience is an understatement.

“They blur the line between stage show and immersive art piece in a way that people don’t soon forget. They’re unpredictable, but always electric,” according to their press release.
Also, they will not rest until they perform on the moon.

“Some bands come to make people sway gently in place. Tomato Dodgers come to impart a musical covenant as twisted and unknowable as the great black hole at the center of our
solar system.”

Founded in 2013 by guitarist and vocalist Asher Meerovich, the current lineup includes Pete Myers (drums), Tera Duffer (keys, xarango, glockenspiel, vocals), Dylan Hinds (bass, vocals), Andrew Velez (trumpet, vocals) and, of course, Antihero. The band says that have one more, seventh member as well – a six-foot- tall orange mannequin names Jeux-Phred, which they call a “space messiah extraordinaire.”

The group spent seven weeks touring the U.S. last year, and will tour with Lionize this fall. They even threw their own festival in May. They have shared the stage with the likes of Martin O’Malley, Harry And The Potters, The Godz, Chain And the Gang, You Bred Raptors?, Hop Along, Pinegrove, The Delta Saints and more.

Their Korea tour will include local band Grey Watson & The Visions.

Things kick off Oct. 12 at Boogie Woogie in Seoul, with Korean band Love X Stereo joining the lineup. From there they will play Club Rad in Daegu on Oct. 13, The Basement in Busan on Oct. 14 and GwangAn HQ in Busan on Oct. 15.

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