Typhoon Talim may bring heavy rains to Korea this weekend

Image: Korean Meteorological Adminsitration
Image: Korean Meteorological Adminsitration

Typhoon Talim may bring heavy rains to Korea this weekend

by: Busan Haps Magazine | .
published: September 13, 2017

Early forecasts show that the powerful Typhoon Talim may affect the Korean peninsula this weekend.

According to Accuweather.com, “meteorologists are concerned Talim may track heavy rain into Japan or South Korea Saturday and Sunday.”

It goes on to say that “the state of Talim and the extent of impacts after it moves away from China will ultimately depend on when Talim makes the turn and how long it will be over water.”

The trajectory of the storm according to the Korean Meteorological Administration shows that the path of the storm may bring heavy rains to Jeju as well as most of the southern portion of the Korean peninsula by Saturday.

The Weather Channel has the storm forecasted to miss the Korean peninsula directly and threatening mainland Japan by the weekend, but Busan may still be hit by bands of heavy rains and strong winds.

The typhoon is expected to slam Taiwan and China with heavy winds and rain by the second half of this week.

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