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Name: Airman First Class Audrionna A. Wise

Unit: 51st Force Support Squadron

Job title: Food Service Apprentice

Job description and its impact on the overall mission: My job is to provide quality meals to all meal card holders and also cash-paying customers. Food is a very important part of life; It is the fuel to our bodies. If your body isn't fueled then how will you be able to fuel a plane or jet? How would you be able to fly a plane or jet? You need food to focus your mind and that is what we as Food Service Specialist or 3Ms as we are also known as, are here for. Our mission is to prepare our people so that we all are ready to FLY, FIGHT, WIN TONIGHT.

Time in military: 11 months

Time in Osan: 7 months

DEROS: January 29, 2015

Family: I have two sisters, three brothers, two nieces and two nephews. My mommy is the one who takes care of all of us.

Hometown: Albany, Georgia

Hobbies: I enjoy volunteering, cooking, reading, traveling, and getting to know new people.

Why did you join the military? My reason was to become a part of something bigger then myself. Sometimes we get wrapped up in unimportant things in life and we forget that there are other people, places, and things out there that need help and support. I felt that if I joined the military I would have the ability to make someone's life better.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years or 20 years? : In ten years I see myself as a Master Sargent about to put on Senior. In 20 years I see myself still serving my country until forced into retirement.

What do you do for fun here? : For fun I watch a lot of Netflix. I try to take at least two ITT trips a month. I also like to volunteer and hang out with friends.

What is your favorite Air Force memory or story? : My favorite Air Force memory or story would have to be when I was in Technical Training. In Tech School I was a green rope and I always tried to boost the moral for everyone in the dormitories (including the navy sailors). So I would organize weekend BBQ'S and try to raise money for the squadron for by selling coins, shirts, coffee, and homemade wallets. Basically I ran a store from the CQ desk but all the proceeds went back to the squadron. I had so much help and support from my fellow Airman and many loved and respected me.

What accomplishments are you most proud of? : I am honored to have been selected as the Force Support Morale Advisory Council (FSMAC) Secretary, as well as Dorm 1366 President.  Those are a couple of my military accomplishments thus far but I am determined to make plenty more.  However my greatest accomplishment was graduating High School with Honors.

Who are your role models? : The women in my Life have had an amazing impact on me. They are ideal women and they are women that I look up to. My mommy gave birth to 7 children but that never stopped her from being a mother to 77 children. She gave a helping hand wherever she was needed and never turned anyone who needed help away. She showed me no matter what happens never show it because you can help someone else just by smiling. My Auntie was one who would stand her own ground and demand respect. She knew what need to be done and she would do it. My Mema and my Granny always supported me and if I need them they were there to lend an ear. They told me that I will be successful as long as I am myself, "follow your own paths, dream big, and aim high".

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