Chae-hyong Pak

by Antwaun J.Parrish
U.S. Army

Slowly but surely, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Far East District employees are relocating to Camp Humphreys, South Korea in anticipation for the entire district’s move scheduled for autumn 2018.

Department of the Army and Korean National (KN) civilians have separate processes for relocation and ensuring that all employees have a smooth transition is a critical piece of the process. Some employees have opted for earlier move dates in order settle their family based on school dates, lease renewals, and other personal reasons.

Pak Chae-Hyong, a project management assistant, has been an employee with the district for the past nine years and is married with two children. Pak made the decision to move early in order to facilitate the needs of his child’s education. He stated that he discussed the early move with his branch chief and she actively helped him through the necessary procedure with the Workforce Management Office (WMO).

“The biggest reason for me was because of my first son,” said Pak. “He is going to high school this year and all schools in Korea start in March, so I requested for an early move in February with my family’s consent.”

Pak will move to Pyeongtaek Feb. 9. However, he won’t officially report to Camp Humphreys until Feb. 14.

Pak is a native of Kyonggido Puchon, which is located between Seoul and Incheon. He has been commuting one hour by subway to the district’s headquarters.

He said it’s difficult for him to leave his hometown since his parents live near him. His children are also having a difficult time leaving their friends. He encouraged his family to embrace the change thanks to a book he previously read.

“As our move date got closer, it made me think about the book “Who moved my cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson,” said Pak. “The book talks about settling with change or choosing to enjoy the change. I made up my mind to enjoy the change with my family. I am looking forward to the new working environment and new house and hope this change will bring more happiness to me and my family.”

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders were received by Pak on Jan. 10 and he said he is ready to go.

“My family and I are currently painting the interior of the new house and cleaning,” said Pak. ”We have now a strong love for our new home and new transition.”

Pak explained that KN employees have to coordinate their move through the Korean Ministry of National Defense after receiving orders. However, due to the limited moving capacity employees may have difficulty moving on their desired day, so he offers up a bit of advice.

“I would advise that when their office relocation schedule is set, they should start planning their move and coordinate with the movers on their preferred date,” said Pak.

Pak said that he and his family is looking forward to the upcoming move, and he expressed his gratitude to the district for supporting him along the way.

“I would like to say thank you to all the Project and Program Management and Workforce Management employees for their help and supporting my early move to Humphreys,” said Pak.

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