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DAEGU GARRISON - Many would agree that the teenage years are probably the most important period in one's life. That's when many people will likely be influenced by those things that will help them reach their goals.

David Cooper, a 10th-grader at Daegu High School (DHS) on Camp Walker, is one such individual. The ambitious Cooper admits that he is eager to have a chance to improve himself.

"I feel like the more I do when I am in high school, the more connections I can have, and I can just be an overall better person, both in my workplace whatever I decide, and in society," he said.

This is the life attitude for this DHS student who will soon attend the 2014 Provost's Pre-College Summer Scholarship for Military High School Students at the University of Southern California.

Possessing traits of a strong leader, Cooper has enthusiastically participated in school programs like the Student to Student program by Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) by which he helps a transfer student feel welcome. Last year, he attended to the Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program established by MCEC. This one-week training program is offered at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

"When I attended the program, I got into numerous discussions with the cadets there," Cooper said. "I listened to many speeches from leading individuals in major roles of leadership--including Ms.Hesselbein herself. While I was there I felt a lot of patriotism, because I was at the United States Military Academy. My parents were very proud of me."

Understandably deeply excited, Cooper is ready to participate in an upcoming opportunity that will add to his personal growth and development, the USC pre-college program. The DHS student said that he chose this program to gain the proper inside view on what a college life is.

"I think, seeing what college is going to be like and preparing for it, is more than just trying to be all cool and say you go to USC," he said. "The program will help me learn the proper techniques on how to be successful in college, how to have good study habits, and how to make better decisions."

What makes him always passionate is his dream to be an engineer.

"USC has very strong math and science departments and I asked to be in the Discover Engineering course for the program. In that class, I can try to decide which specific type of engineer I want to be. Basically, it is all about a foundation of engineering and what you need to know in order to expand upon your knowledge of engineering."

Like many determined students, he is filled with a lot of high expectations of himself, as he knows exactly the way he should go.

"I set a lot of personal goals. The reason I've been applying for these scholarships, events, and experiences is because I feel that as I gain experiences from different colleges -- both West Point and USC, I will be able to meet very important people and I will be able to make life-long relationships with other students who want to study the same field as mine." said Cooper.

On a side note, School Counselor Pamela E. Webb-Martin encourages students to check their DoDEA student e-mail accounts regularly.

"By checking their student e-mails, students can read about testing opportunities, scholarships for all grade levels, and much more - to include attending Pre-College Programs," she said.

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