Elayna Snyder

by Dave Ornauer
Stars and Stripes

Elayna Snyder’s first big football moment didn’t start out as she envisioned it would.

Her Humphreys Blackhawks trailed much of the way against Kubasaki and had gone ahead 6-5 on a touchdown run by quarterback Miles Brice. The only girl on the team, the senior was trying to make the lead two points – and she miscounted her steps as she approached the ball to kick the extra point.

“But when the ball was snapped, all I knew was to keep my head down and drive through the ball” as her coaches taught her, Snyder said.

“When I saw it go near the bottom of the uprights, I thought for sure it was going to hit and not go in. When it went in, I was so excited, but more importantly, I knew my teammates, coaches and parents were even more excited for me.”

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