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USAG DAEGU --Good communication is as important to relationships as water is to a boat. So, for USAG Daegu and Area IV Soldiers, Family members, DoD Civilians, and retirees, taking advantage of the Hangeul classes available at the Camp Henry ACS, just makes good sense. To help achieve this, Daegu University intern Hwang, Hoon-Oh, is more than eager to render his talent and expertise.

Korean language (Hangeul) classes are held every Tuesday and Friday, and thanks to the ever smiling and energetic Hwang, the classroom has become a most joyful atmosphere for those very determined Soldiers and civilians who are excited about learning more of their surroundings, and being able to effectively communicate with native language speakers.

The class is especially helpful for foreigners because Hwang makes every effort to teach, not just grammar, but useful and interesting Korean sentences and colloquial expressions. "Mi gook e seo wat seo yo." For the Hangeul challenged, these words may look like nothing more than gibberish. On the contrary, the question is more along the lines of saying, 'I came from America." It's a very down-to-earth approach that seems to work quite well for the students attending Hwang's class. Their energy is non-stop, and their limited Korean language skills did not appear to prevent them from attempting to do their best -- trying not to miss a single word or phrase Hwang was teaching.

Hwang generates a lot of interest in his classes…using lessons that effectively address reading, writing and listening to Hangeul. He explained that he is convinced that this teaching method is more efficient for foreigners to learn Hangeul and that this is what they really need to successfully settle in Korea.

Students may be happy, but there's every reason to believe that the teacher is also. "I hear that the percentage of attendance at this time is the highest ever," commented a very proud Hwang. By all accounts, the ACS instructor has every reason to smile. While class seating is limited to 30, the Daegu University student has established an enviable participation record with current class sessions filled to capacity. Another positive for the Korean language class is that it requires no tuition fee, and students don't need to buy textbooks.

Representative of the gift that just keeps on giving, Hwang also tries to have his students experience Korean culture, festivals, and an array of tourist attractions. "Actually I organized a tour for my students just recently, and we went to Oedo, a very popular Korean Island. I want students to know and experience as much about Korea, and Hangeul as possible. This is what I aim for. Language and sightseeing are a good means to go through the culture of every country," said Hwang.

Finally, although classes are currently full, reserving a spot now, for an upcoming class is recommended. For those planning to reside in Korea for some time, learning Hangeul could prove to be invaluable. Besides, Hwang promises to provide the best lectures ever.

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