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Spotlight on You: Louie L Le

Optometrist keeps an eye on Daegu's healthcare needs

published: June 05, 2014

CAMP WALKER, South Korea -- Good eyesight is extremely important when it comes to military training. A top priority is to ensure that every Soldier's vision makes him or her better able to carry out whatever the mission. To help achieve this, the optometrist plays a vital role. Located on Camp Walker, Wood Medical Clinic has an optometrist on board who sees eye-to-eye on the importance of quality eye care.

Maj. Louie L. Le, Optometrist, 215th Med. Det. is the only eye doctor for Area IV. His patients also include personnel stationed at Camp Carroll, Chinhae, and K2 Air Base. Juggling his duties as a Soldier and as the single optometrist in the area is no easy feat. Yet, he is committed to providing all of his customers with the best possible service --even if managing his time can be a real challenge. Addressing the challenge he said, "I wouldn't say challenging time. There are only challenging cases."

Those cases might run the gamut, but an obvious issue is the yellow dust that seems to be in abundance. Lee explained that the yellow dust is not good for the respiratory organs, and that it can bring about irritation problems to the eyes as well. In such instances, a visit to the eye doctor, as well as wearing sunglasses with UV (Ultraviolet) protection is suggested.

"Wearing sunglasses is like protecting the skin with sun-block," said Maj. Le.

Situated adjacent to Wood Medical Clinic, the optometry facility provides a number of quality services to its authorized clientele. Family members, dependents, and retirees are among those who can receive this care. The care includes the most basic to the most comprehensive eye exam --which will ultimately determine whether the patient might need eye glasses.

While the optometry clinic may be small in size, that doesn't take away from the quality of service patients can expect to receive. Important to the smooth operation of the clinic however, is customer's being mindful of keeping their scheduled appointments or making cancellations within the appropriate time. As a reminder, Camp Walker eye-care officials say that a cancellation should be made one day ahead of the scheduled appointment.

Maj. Le said he thoroughly enjoys his work. He is motivated by the sense of helping others. He said he is proud to be contributing to the welfare and health of the Soldiers.

"I feel grateful to work on the frontline of the eye-care. My primary goal is to always ensure Soldiers and customers receive the best eye care treatment and protection."

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