Meet Your KATUSA: Pfc. Choi, Hyung-min

U.S. Army Photo by Pfc. Cho, Hwi-sang, Eighth Army Public Affairs
U.S. Army Photo by Pfc. Cho, Hwi-sang, Eighth Army Public Affairs

Meet Your KATUSA: Pfc. Choi, Hyung-min

by Eighth Army-Korea
U.S. Army

Pfc. Choi, Hyung-min, a 42A, Human Resources Specialist, with U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan Headquarters and Headquarters Company.

What do you do as a KATUSA at USAG-Yongsan?
-I work at the visitor's center which is located at Gate 13 of USAG-Yongsan. Our work is to issue temporary passes and vehicle passes to visitors who are escorted by their sponsors. Most visitors come to visit Dragon Hill Lodge during lunch and dinner hours so that they can enjoy some American dishes and enjoy the reminiscent atmosphere of USAG-Yongsan.

Do you have any memorable event working as a KATUSA?
-My memorable event as a KATUSA was when I shot 36 out 40 on my first M4 carbine range. When I first grabbed the rifle, I was very surprised of its light weight and of the fact that we could use the advanced combat optical gun-sight, a gun accessory that I only saw from video games. These additional features helped me better concentrate on and aim at the targets and therefore I was able to earn my expert badge on my first try. Also, last week I met a famous Korean professional basketball player, Lee, Seung-joon, who came to visit USAG-Yongsan. Since I was a great fan of him, it was an honor to actually meet him in person. If it weren't for my job as a KATUSA, I would have probably never met him during my life. I think it's these special moments that make my job unique. 

What do you usually do during your free time? Do you have any hobbies?
-Despite loving most sports, my favorite is with no doubt soccer. My hobby is not only watching soccer on television but also visiting famous stadiums to watch soccer matches. After graduating from high school, I had a chance to visit the United Kingdom and watch an international friendly soccer match between Spain and England at the Wembley Stadium. I personally supported Adam Lallana for a long time, it was so great to see him play live. He also scored a goal which led to England's win and it was truly a wonderful experience for me.

What's your future dream? How do you think your experience as a KATUSA will help you achieve that goal?
-I aspire to work in a multinational corporation such as Microsoft or Google in the future. By working as a KATUSA, I can continuously better both my verbal and written English communication skills, which are pivotal skills necessary to effectively work in such companies. Apart from this, by meeting and interacting with a number of people every day, I'll feel much more comfortable talking with my future clients. I definitely believe that these will become great assets of mine in the future.

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