Sean Dawley Jr.

Spotlight on You: Sean Dawley Jr.

FED Employee inspires university student to take internship

published: July 13, 2018

SEOUL, South Korea – This summer a Hampton University student was granted the opportunity to work alongside Far East District (FED) engineers and learn how the district contributes to the U.S. and Republic of Korea forces located on the peninsula.

Sean Dawley Jr., a senior architecture major, was selected as the Advancing Minorities In Engineering intern for the district. The purpose of the program is to provide the interns real world engineering experience.

Dawley was inspired to apply for the internship after attending a presentation given by an FED employee who happens to be an alumni of his university.

“Last year Mia Dukuly [FED project engineer] came and gave a presentation at my school where she provided an overview of the program,” said Dawley. “So I kept in contact with her since her presentation about the program.”

He explained that the possibility of interning was intriguing to him because of the hands-on aspect it provides, which he believes is his best way of learning.

“During her power point presentation, she explained that the interns spent time with each office doing different work in either construction or design, and going over plans and other things,” said Dawley. “The ability of being able to be on a construction site and seeing how things are built caught my interest.”

This is Dawley’s first time in Korea, however, it’s not his firs time doing work abroad. Last summer he studied urban design in France along with some of his classmates.

Dawley expects a unique experience during with his internship in Korea and feels that he has managed to adjust well so far.

“I knew that coming to Korea would be a different experience, but I also knew that the internship was with the military, so it wouldn’t be too drastic of a change,” said Dawley. “Camp Humphreys has expanded since other students were here, so things they told me is different because there is a lot more to see and do.”

An invaluable lesson that Dawley has learned is that communication is a huge contributor to the success of the FED. He said he has learned that many different departments have to work together to complete projects.

At the completion of his internship Dawley will return to Hampton University to complete his final year in college.

“I’m thankful for this experience, it’s been a lot of fun this far,” said Dawley.

Photo Caption
Sean Dawley Jr., a senior architecture major from Hampton University, stands in front of the Pyongtaek Resident Office, Camp Humphreys, South Korea, July 5

(Photo by Yi, Yong-un)

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