SSGT Chris Perkey

Stripes Korea

Name: Chris Perkey

Age: 41

Years in service:  11 Years

Rank: SSG

Years as father: 19 Years

Kids: 4 Boys – Brandon, 19; Chris, 18; Lance, 16; and Dallas, 13

Current Duty Station and job: USAG Yongsan – Public Affairs

Q: What are your key responsibilities at work?

A: Making sure everyone at the garrison knows what is going on at the garrison.

Q: What are your key responsibilities at home? 

A: Making sure the wife is happy. Oh yeah, and my boys, too.

Q: How do you balance military life with family life?

A: It is difficult, however my family shows a ton of support. But, seriously, I practice standing on one leg a lot.

Q: How do you keep in touch with family when you are TDY or deployed?

A: Facebook, Skype and the occasional phone call.

Q: How does the military community support your family?

A: My wife is rather independent, but also extremely resourceful. She has been the Family Readiness Group Leader in the past, so she knows the resources that are available.

Q: How do you support your partner whether you are home or deployed?

A: By telling her that she is beautiful every day and that I love her.

Q: As a military parent, what’s your top priority for your kids?

A: By spending as much time with them as possible and making sure that they understand why I do what I do.

Q: What are your plans for Father’s Day?

A: Video Chat with wife and my boys.

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