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CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea -- The Army produces strong leaders who possess the hard work ethic and discipline necessary to be successful and lead. Military children can often pick up on these skills, which seemingly seep into the homes of military communities.

Though no one could say for sure, 1st Sgt. Timothy J. Ward, with Company E, 4th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, may have passed on some of those skills he has gained throughout his career.

Ward's daughter, 17-year-old high school junior, Timi M. Ward of Columbia, S.C., has enjoyed a year of success earning her honors and recognition at school. The upbeat teen attends the newly opened Humphreys High School at United States Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea.

Timi is like any other student going through high school. She plays sports, studies and sometimes has a hard time with math, but that did not stop her from working toward success. Her hard work paid off and she was inducted into one of the oldest and most prestigious educational organizations on a high school campus.

"Timi qualifies for National Honor Society based on her grade point average and her community service," said Faye R. Hobson, an English language arts and social studies teacher at Humphreys High School. "She has maintained a 3.7 GPA and above during the school year. She's a student who does top-notch work, completes her assignments on time, and always goes above and beyond."

Hobson says Timi's success is heavily dependent on Family involvement.

"It begins at home [like] with any of our students with the upbringing, and what parents instill in [students] at home," said Hobson.

Ward, a native of Shreveport, La., says his daughter is very dedicated to everything she does and he gives all the credit to his children's mother.

"My wonderful wife Lucinda has gone the extra mile to keep an open line of communication with our children," said Ward. "I think it's because of that open communication that Timi is able to remain focused on what's good and what must be done to make the cut in life."

Communicating and being great in the classroom has also helped Timi excel as an accomplished track team member. This year, she won 1st place at the peninsula-wide, 300-meter hurdle event, breaking the record. Her coach, Mitch Moellendick, a native of Parkersburg, West Va., and a physical education and health teacher at Humphreys High School, said this about her.

"She's a very hard worker and she is dedicated to getting better," said Moellendick. "Anything you ask, she's willing to put her best foot forward."

With the feeling of accomplishment and the enjoyment of success, Timi thanks many people for helping her. Yet, she really attributes her blessings to one.

"I thank God," said Timi. "Sometimes I don't remember [anything] so I pray before every test and quiz so he can bring it all back to my memory. I thank him for everything."

As the school year came to an end, and Humphreys High School readies for its second year as a new school, Timi left a bit of advice to her predecessors.

"Stay off your cell phones because that's a major distraction," said Timi. "Don't watch television during weekdays and don't take school lightly. Work really hard and strive for the best."

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