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DAEGU GARRISON - The Army's transportation and logistics systems are keys to the activity within U.S. Army Garrison Daegu and Area IV. This is in part due to the enormous mission it has in providing a vast array of support services and assistance. For that reason, it has to be sensitive to and on top of any changes within an ever changing Army. To meet the tremendous demands brought on by change, however, requires a workforce that is both talented and committed.

While there are numerous employees that can be counted on to get the job done, there is always one that simply saying thank you to just doesn't seem to be enough. Such is the case of Transportation Specialist Chong, Yon-hui, LRC Daegu, 403rd AFSB, Camp Henry. With 35 years of dedicated service to her credit, Chong has had a career that has been as extensive as it has been stellar. She first began her career with the U.S. Army at Camp Carroll. In Aug. 1981, she made her way to Camp Henry where she has continued to give 100 percent of her time and energy.

While she admits that with hard work comes lots of responsibilities, she accepts that challenge without regret or complaint. For her, assisting the customer with their needs is a priority, and she always tries to do her best. Juggling schedules, meeting requests for transportation support, Chong says that she is never bored. She attributes that to her positive thinking, and never taking anything for granted.

"I consider myself a rugged stone," she said. "Various people and experiences help me become a trimmed stone. In looking back at my past, I have learned a lot from the people I've met, and I will never forget them."

What is remarkable is that Chong is not only a successful worker, but also a great citizen of Daegu. She has been doing voluntary activities for the local community, since she was a 21 year-old university student. Strong religious beliefs completely changed her, so she began to lead a selfless life, dedicated to other people. She believes that the human being is the most important asset. Her fields of activity are diverse. For instance, since she started working voluntarily, she led Sunday school until 2011. Also, she has invited teenagers from broken home to her place, and had meals together. According to her, in this way, she can counsel their future and concerns with comfortableness. In addition, she's recently started collecting secondhand clothes in order to give them to the homeless and needy.

When asked about how she manages all her work and volunteer activities, Chong said that there is no special way. "Volunteer activity just naturally became part of my life."

Whenever she recognizes a change in those who she's been helping out, she feels so touched. One such meaningful moment occurred one day when a girl who used to be negative and introverted, spoke out with confidence in front of a huge audience, talking about the positive change that had occurred within her.

With 35 years of service, Mrs. Chong says she has seen many changes across USAG Daegu and Area IV. Even though it's not easy to equip a military base with all the latest computers and new systems, some other ways of management have been phased in gradually. For Chong, she's seen and experienced many of the changes firsthand.

"For example, there was 'six sigma' education training," Chong explained. "The sense of 'the greatest effect at the least cost' is becoming more and more important as well."

Because of these kinds of changes, she said she puts forth a constant effort to adapt to a rapidly changing society.

When it comes to the transportation and logistics division, Chong has played an integral role in its success throughout Area IV. In fact, the Transportation Division on Camp Henry has won the Army Award of for Maintenance Excellence (AAME) three times. The transportation specialist attributes the organization's performance to the combined efforts and performance of the transportation team. She added that it is the leadership of people like Randy Davis, Chief of the Transportation Division, Randy Cheniault, Director, LRC, and Ferdinand Isla, Transportation Manager that make all the difference.

Chong said that each of these individuals, along with so many more, have helped the team accomplish its missions.

"Our goal this year is to get good results. It is most important that one does his best with professional integrity throughout his career. Always keep the sense of ownership in your mind. People obviously feel more comfortable to work together with those who take initiative. Being responsible and caring people might sound small and simple, but it can make huge difference in the end."

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