‘Birthday Island’: South Korea’s largest cake sculpture on Saengildo Island

‘Birthday Island’: South Korea’s largest cake sculpture on Saengildo Island

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

In South Korea’s Saengildo Island, you’ll find a curious sculpture signaling the meaning behind its name. Saengildo means birthday, so here on Birthday Island visitors will find Korea’s largest birthday cake.

Head to the ferry wharf at Seosong Port for a close up look at this three-tier inedible delight. The sculpture is 5.8 meters high, 2.7 meters wide and covered in various seafood and fruit sculpture decorations. It is also topped with candle lights that shine bright in the evening.

Not only is this beautiful to look at and take photo with, the sculpture also plays music! Press the button and listen to the Happy Birthday Song and other versions.

And if a giant cake doesn’t convince you to visit the area, the island itself will. Saengildo Island is known for its amazing scenery and the second-highest mountain in Wando, South Jeolla Province. Enjoy a hike up the 446-meter-high Baegunsan Mountain or a relaxing walk along the island coast, Geumgok Beach, famous for its golden sand and Mongdol (pebbles) Beach.

From Danmok Port on Yaksan Island, take a ferry to get to Saengildo Island. The ferry runs eight times a day and takes about 25 minutes.

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