‘Chungryeolsa Confession’ ceremony held at Chungnyeolsa Temple, Busan

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

‘Chungryeolsa Confession’ ceremony held at Chungnyeolsa Temple, Busan

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The Chungnyeolsa Temple Management Office in Busan commemorated the 431st anniversary of the Imjin War outbreak by holding the ‘Chungryeolsa Confession’ ceremony.

The event aimed to honor the patriotic spirit of the martyrs and their noble will. Attendees included Lee Seong-kwon, vice mayor of Busan City, National Assembly members, representatives from various institutions, city and district council members, Yurim, and descendants of Seon-yeol.

This year’s ceremony featured a real-time relay of the ancestral rites performed inside the main hall and Uiyeolgak, creating a visual spectacle for participants and encouraging engagement.

The ceremony took place simultaneously in the main hall of Chungnyeolsa Temple and Uiyeolgak. The program included the declaration of the ceremony, priests’ rituals and worship services, burning of incense, wreath-laying by Vice Mayor Lee Seong-kwon, and memorial addresses.

The ceremony involved various priests, including Choheongwan (Park Joong-mook, Vice-Chairman of Busan City Council), Aheongwan (representatives of different organizations), Jongheon-gwan (Civic priest Yoon Hee-chul), Chukgwan (Kim Yong-un, Chungnyeolsa Ahn Seowon), and the presiding officer (Kim Jeong-hwan, Chungnyeolsa Aungseowon).

Lee Seong-kwon, Vice Mayor of Economic Affairs of Busan City, expressed the hope that the commemoration ceremony would serve as a meaningful occasion to reflect on the sacrifices and achievements of the patriots, fostering a new future for Busan and its people.

Chungnyeolsa, a memorial facility recognized as a tangible cultural property by Busan Metropolitan City, enshrines 93 patriots who lost their lives during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592.

Every year on May 25, the city of Busan holds an ancestral rite at Chungnyeolsa Temple to honor the martyrs.

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