‘Geumhoji Waterfront Theme Park’ Completed in Jinju, South Korea

Image: Jinju City
Image: Jinju City

‘Geumhoji Waterfront Theme Park’ Completed in Jinju, South Korea

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Jinju City held a completion ceremony for the ‘Geumhoji Waterfront Theme Park Creation Project’.

From December 2020, a total of KRW 11.8 billion including compensation and construction costs was invested in the Jangsa-ri area of ​​Geumsan-myeon to promote the construction of a waterfront theme park with a water playground for children, an adventure playground, a lawn plaza, and a parking lot. 

For this project, the city invested 3.7 billion won in 2020 to first implement the ‘Geumhoji Ecological Park Creation Project’, where you can observe the creatures living in Geumhoji.

In July of last year, the water playground and adventure playground, which are part of the waterfront theme park facilities, were completed and opened first for children in the hot summer. The water playground and adventure playground facilities in the shape of a yellow dragon and a blue dragon, with the motif of the fairy tale of Geumhoji, were well received by the citizens by providing attractions and play areas for children to have fun.

With the final completion ceremony, 124 new parking spaces and lawn plazas were fully opened. With the opening of the new parking lot, habitual traffic jams due to the narrow parking lot of 71 sides will disappear, and the traffic environment around Geumhoji is expected to improve significantly.

Jinju Mayor Jo Gyu-il said, “Geumhoji Park is built around the Geumho Reservoir, so it’s a good place to take a walk. To create a resting space for users and citizens who visit Geumhoji Park, we are happy to hold the completion ceremony today as a result of the 7th popularly elected pending project.”

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