10 untouched tourist destinations in Busan

10 untouched tourist destinations in Busan

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The Korea Tourism Organization and the Regional Tourism Organization Council, which is composed of seven regional tourism organizations (RTO), selected the nation’s ‘100 Untouched Tourist Destinations’ to help citizens travel leisurely and safely.

Each of the recommended local tourist attractions was determined by reviewing the standard requirements such as tourist attractions that are not well-known in the past, individual travel and family-themed tourist destinations, outdoor tourist destinations, and tourist attractions that practice distance travel by limiting the number of visitors.

“Untact” a term coined for non-face-to-face contact.

Busan’s 10 locations include:

  1. Hwangnyeong Mountain
  2. Dadaepo Beach
  3. Amir Park, Yeongdo-gu
  4. Anderson Fairy Tale Village, Gijang-gun
  5. Healing Forest, Gijang-gun
  6. Hoedong Resevoir, Geunjeong-gu
  7. Daejeo Ecological Park, Gangseo-gu
  8. Gudeok Park, Seo-gu
  9. Jangsan Mountain
  10. Peace Park, Nam-gu

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