11 romantic walking route in Busan, South Korea

11 romantic walking route in Busan, South Korea

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

Thinking of a good date place around the city may seem arduous, but Busan is not short of places to set the mood for love. If you are looking to add a little spark to your relationship or impress a date this spring, grab your camera and your selfie stick and head on outdoors to one of the city’s great scenic backdrops.

Here are 11 romantic ideas to take a stroll around the city to get you started to woo your current or hopefully future mate.

1. Dalmaji Hill – The eight-kilometer course is not an easy walk due to its hills, but take your time to explore its upscale cafes, galleries galore, and a taste altogether different than the rest of Busan.

2. Igidae Park – Considered one of the most beautiful parks in the city for its spectacular views, Igidae is a great place for an afternoon walk with a date, though you may want to mention you’re going there as a precaution as comfortable clothing and shoes are a must.

3. Suyeong Riverside Park – Both sides of this beautiful park are great places to take an evening stroll. Start near the promenade by Subyun Park, head down through Centum City, and find yourself for a nightcap in Oncheon-jang.

4. Daejeo Ecological Park – While the festival name may conjure up some not-so-pleasant images for your date, head on out to the 6th Busan Nakdong River Rape Blossoms Festival, which runs from April 14th to the 22nd at Daejeo Ecological Park in Gangseo-gu for a beautiful walk in the fields.

5. The Beaches – Always a sure-fire bet is to take a romantic walk along one of the city’s beaches, however, there is a caveat — the number of couples also breaking up, fighting and crying there as well.

6. The Mountains – A romantic walk with nature and a few thousand others in expensive hiking gear may not be your thing, but you’ll probably need to help guide your partner along the paths so you’ll need to stay close. The downfall — the inevitable mountain sweats.

7. Taejongdae Park – It’s a haul to get out to, but Taejongdae is always worth the trip. Trek around the park, check out the cliffs, and end up down at the clam tents for a romantic dinner for two.

8. Sajik Sports Complex – Sajik Sports Complex has plenty for those looking to exercise together, check out a cultural event, or feel the excitement of the fans if the Giants manage to win that day.

9. Dongbaek Park – The beautiful, small park in Haeundae has a great little walking course with beautiful views of the bridge, the beach, and the Marine City skyline. Top your night off with a beer down at the Bay 101 and enjoy the atmosphere.

10. The Parks – A stroll through one of the city’s parks is always a simple, effective idea. Busan Citizen’s Park has plenty of things to do, Children’s Park has some good places to take a leisurely walk and UN Peace Park gives you a chance to learn about the city’s past.

11. Dadaepo Fountains – The Dadaepo Fountain of Dreams provides a spectacular backdrop of lights to impress your loved one.

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